Don’t try 

You will never be happy if you continue to search for what happiness consists of.’

‘.. no truly happy person feels the need to stand in front of a mirror and recite that she is happy. She just is.’
I love routine. Part of my daily morning routines as I brush my teeth, especially over the last 7 months have been affirmations about happiness, being happy, content, joyful. I have visualised it, asked for it, cosmically ordered it, believed it.
These last few days, I haven’t needed my daily declarations or quiet time to day dream about it. 
These last few days I have felt it. 
I pondered a little about whether it was bad that I was out of routine and whether I would lose it all.
But then my bags appeared and with Mark Manson’s book. And those lines. His perceptions on how the pursuit of happiness, the search for a purpose or the meaning of life, affirmations of what you want to become is all a reflection of a current state of lack.
Don’t try‘ he says. Accept flaws and pain and suffering. And live. Live as you.
I have been me. We have been us. This is turning out to be a week of good days. 
Without evening trying! 

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