A night  off

I don’t remember the last time I didn’t remember to write…
I see it as a good sign.
But I also know that I always love and loved to journal and that is why I started to blog.
And my journal always started with gratitude.  Today I am grateful. I have so much to be grateful for.
And in my last day of holiday, alcohol induced stupor, I am grateful.  
For early mornings and mirror calm seas, for perfect condition waterski’s, big smiles and deep water starts.
For a day on my sun lounger with a good excuse, or no excuse, a good ending to a book and a good start to the next.
For happy boys, their independence, the friendships they have made and the skills they have learned.
For new friends, fun friends in the moment, shots of jäger, sambuca and goodness knows what else.
For one last full day and one final day left.
For finally feeling happy to go ‘home’, even though I don’t have one, but to go back to routine and life and normality. 
The last of the Greek good days. 

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