A hat trick of good day

I am loving my mind out here in Greece. It is quiet .. no noise .. no back chat… 
Has it let go? 
I wonder where the silver thread is, the one attached to the dark box on the bottom of the sea. And when I think of it, I feel it. But I no longer dwell on it. Perhaps the first few barnacles will appear soon?
There are still the moments that my heart clenches as something triggers a memory, a photograph or feeling, but here I am not alone. I am surrounded by positive people and laughter. But most of all the 2 small hands and smiles that invite me to play or the one, big one attached to two strong arms, honest blue eyes that pull me into an embrace and make everything disappear.
The marble jar is filling. Trust is a seed that has been planted.
The mind is learning. Love from the heart has overflowed.
It was the third good day in a row. A hat trick! 

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