Hagrid – the mindkeeper

As I sit on the sofa with my badger set, watching Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, I realise that Hagrid, the gamekeeper, has been with me all day as Hargrid the ‘mindkeeper’.


He has been instrumental with his kind and caring, compassionate nature against the bullying and threatening voices of Dobby, Pamela and the ‘parent’.


He was there with his formidable presence, blocking the view of any wagging fingers as I lay reading my book this morning, as I went for a coffee and walk with my friend, had lunch with another and ate a big bowl of couscous for supper.


He was there with his magic umbrella, in the quiet moments and spaces when Pamela would typically appear, flashing a lightning bolt or covering her with the invisibility cloak.


He was there with his calm voice of reason and loyalty when Dobby danced around my feet, asking if I really wanted to hold the Big Man’s hand, kiss him, do his washing and organise birthday treats.


And just as in this fourth chapter of the series, as he shows Harry glimpses of his future, what he will be up against in the games, he is helping me see glimpses of my future, if I open my eyes, my heart and to his compassion; and to have the patience and belief that everything will be better than ok.



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