Cooking with greatness & humility

Today co-codomal was my friend, so that I could be with my friends, so that I could tick several items on my ‘joy list’:  cooking, learning and being with friends.


A wonderful day learning many divinely deliciously or deliciously divine dishes, full of flavour, simple for summer entertaining and the perfect gift from a perfect friend.


As she layered up the different flavours, the sweet with the savoury, the crunch with the smooth, it reminded me of life.  My life currently.  The different layers.


The many intricate layers of anxiety; anxiety brought about by children, one emotional, one curious enough to land him in trouble; by sadness and inner turmoil of the many triggers that bring the dark times to the fore; by concern and worry for my little bird, being so far away;  by the uncertainty surrounding our future home, where, when, how, where?!


All of these crumbly, crispy layers, like a mille-feuille, held together and supported with the sweetness and softness of life, the pleasures, the laughs and smiles, love and sunbeams and laced with the surprising tartness of the coulis and bite of the fruit.


I heard it said recently that with greatness, must come humility;  seemingly opposing traits.  True greatness, despite its suggested loftiness, is always coupled with a stable grounding.


It is the opposites in life, the ying and the yang that provide the flavours.  Today’s mouth-wateringly delicious dishes reminded me of that;  they were greatness, grounded in simplicity.




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