The simple answer is..

I have been counting down the hours until I would feel a strong, experienced man’s hands on my body.  He didn’t disappoint… and when he brought out his electrics, it was a blissful, exquisite pain.


When he told me I could double dose on Co-codomal and Ibuprofen and still drink wine tonight, I think I may have kissed him as I danced out of the room.




Is that a lightness in the voice in my head?  Is that a welcome wry smile as I write those words?


As I drive to school, I am reminded that the path to happiness is simple.  It is just a choice.


Do you want to be happy or not?


The answer is either yes or no.  With no strings attached.  No justification or qualification.


The answer isn’t – I will only be happy when my back pain goes or I will only be happy when I know I can trust the Big Man or I will only be happy when Willy is happy or I will only be happy when I have written my book or I will only be happy when I feel like seeing all my friends again without shame or dread.


The answer is simply, yes.  A choice and a decision to make and then do, be and live happy.  Find happiness in the moment;  the little moments, like fresh coffee in a pretty new hand painted cup.

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