The elephant proposal

It takes 21 days to create a new habit, 30 days to cement it (according to Hal Elrod, the author of Miracle Morning), but apparently only 1 to break it.  Well, in theory. And that is in terms of ‘Ali’s bad habits’.


Although, today was less of a ‘launch’ out of bed as I had to disentangle myself from 2 small boys who had crept in to snuggle in for the last 20 minutes of night time, I was still up and having breakfast before 7 like the rest of the crew and a bolognaise cooking in the bottom of the aga before 8.  Meditation, gratitudes and emails all done by 9.15 and in the gym at 9.30.


Boom!  #breakingbadhabits rocks!


Interestingly, however, I did notice that I am more aware of the good habits I have implemented, the ones that serve a good purpose, the ones I do subconsciously, like the cleaning of my teeth to ensure I keep them until old age and the counting of my blessings as I shut my eyes so I sleep peacefully.  New ones have appeared more recently.


Two books in my bedroom; my Get Happy book and the Secret Daily Teachings.  A short passage or quote and I read one a day from each while I get dressed; thought provoking or energising words to spur me on throughout the day.


This morning’s readings or teachings were particularly poignant.


From Get Happy, the message was a reminder that the number one fear is rejection, stemming from certain death after rejection from the tribe.  The quote, I loved;


Tension is who you think you should be.  Relaxation is who you are.”  Chinese proverb.


When I read these words, they mean so much to me and the journey I am on currently;  and they also mingled with the words of Mel Robbins’ podcast yesterday as she talks about being many versions of yourself as you go through life.  “Every phase of your life requires a different you.”  And this quote is saying, be true to yourself, ignore society, familial pressure, just be you – do what brings you joy!


From the Secret Daily Teachings, the words were even more powerful for me today.  They gave me strength to do what I knew I had to do.


So often when things change in our lives, we have such a resistance to the change.


This is because when people see a big change appearing they are often fearful that it is something bad.  But it is important to remember that when something big changes in our lives, it means something better is coming.  There cannot be a vacuum in the Universe, and so as something moves out, something must come in and replace it.  When change comes, relax, have total faith and know that the change is ALL GOOD. 


Something more magnificent is coming to you!”


It was time to create that vacuum, to say goodbye to certain structures, people, methods, roles, goals and hang ups… perhaps not ‘au revoir’, more of an ‘a bientot’ in order to allow myself the headspace, the freedom, the clarity and invite something more magnificent in.  Something that has been waiting in the wings, waiting for its chance to unfold and enter from stage left.


My conscious and unconscious decisions to let go held fear;  it is both scary and thrilling to let go of something you love, in order to let something else in that you love more, or more importantly, want to be allowed to love more, have the time to love more and nurture.


But as always, in my reiki sessions, my unconscious thoughts are read out loud through the symbols and visions she sees and feels.  And afterwards, I always enjoy deciphering what they mean and how they apply to me, my journey.


Today, I was surrounded by angels and butterflies, mischievous monkeys, a swan, a camel, Japanese writing, blossoms on a tree, a content lion striding towards us, piles of crockery and a huge elephant carrying a big solitaire diamond.


At first, it all sounds like a strange zoo in Japan and a proposal.  But when you read in to it, it tells a story.  And that is the bit I love.


The Japanese writing tells of confusion for those who can’t decipher it (which I can’t), a period of turmoil, coupled with the monkey can mean deception and trickery, making you think that while you may think everything is right with the world, it is in fact completely the opposite.  However, the Japanese writing is also a symbol of the first step towards happiness, with a plan and focus and the monkey reminds me to keep that plan and focus light hearted and fun!


Enter the content lion, the camel, the swan and the butterflies.


The lion, the relentless fighter in the face of life challenges, courageous and brave.  My lion is calm, I see that as a sign that the fight is drawing to an end, time for peace or a truce.  And here the remaining animals intertwine with their meaning.  The butterfly clearly is a symbol for transformation and a reminder that while life continues to unfold, to be as light and graceful as a butterfly as it does.  The camel is also part of that unfolding, but provides the strength and endurance for the journey, while the swan represents the love, grace and beauty on that very same path as well as intuition and flow.


And so to the elephant and his big rock!  It could mean a proposal, for the little girl in me who only every wanted true love that is tempting to believe.  But digging deeper in to the meaning, I know elephants are a symbol of strength.  And diamonds, also strong, but more so symbolic of richness of the self and according to records, held in high esteem due to beauty, purity and ability to reflect light in a special manner.


As I piece together the puzzle, the picture becomes clear.  The struggle, the deception, the anger, the fight is over and the journey to happiness is underway and the path is the way of dignity and grace.  The elephant with the diamond is my book, my story of strength and a light to others.


So that leaves only piles of crockery and beautiful trees in blossom.  Both signs of massive wealth and prosperity.


And the angels – they have my back, and front and are silently trying to get through to give me the message.


I hear them.  I had better get writing.  It is time for a ‘different me’, from writer/blogger to writer /Author.








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