A dot in the galaxy

The Universe has ways of testing you;  making sure you are happy with the path taken, the decisions chosen, choices made.


Here we are on our on mountainous, holiday love rock, being grateful for the sun, snow, family time, vin chaud, everything covered in gratin and suddenly salt is thrown in the wounds. Uncovered messages, reminders of the ugliness and the uncertainty around who else knew.


I am thrust back in to darkness.


But I am feeling that the darkness is beginning to be more transient; the clouds passing the sun more swiftly, rather than lingering.  I have learnt to walk away, disconnect, breathe, distract myself.  Be by myself so I feel myself again.


I remind myself that in the grander scheme of things, I am a dot, this is smaller than a dot.  I am on a spinning globe flying around a burning ball of fire in a galaxy full of billions of other stars.


I am a dot.  This is a dot.


And I can get back to the moment, this one. Lying in bed with my boys, full of a pierrade mixte, frites and house wine, laughter and love.


There is only now.  And I am a dot.  It was all just a dot.

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