Being the Matterhorn

I am sat surrounded by beautiful mountains dressed in the setting sunlight in the Umbrella Bar. It has been a day of ‘mountains’.
I woke to a view of them outside my window, pale, inviting, magnificent and majestic. 
Opening my doors to feel the early morning mountain air, I reset my mind to a mountain meditation which set me up for the day. The voice said to imagine a mountain, with all its forms, rock formations and formidability. The mountain that filled my peaceful, calm mind was my favourite – the Swiss Matterhorn. Individual. Unique. Imagine yourself as the mountain, filling your presence, your body, your soul. Foundations firm, strong, grounded. Imagine your lofty height. Feel your resilience to the clouds and storms that flow past you. Embrace the sun, warming you to the core. 
Today I was the Matterhorn. 
Yesterday the clouds and the storms swirled my peak. 
Today was a clear day. My foundations and connections to my roots, the earth, the ground strong and firm. My head high, cloudless. 
Today we found our favourite vista on our favourite mountain of the week and we climbed higher than the world. It was a special moment as we each took turns to throw some of Granny Annie’s ashes to the snow, to the blue sky and we wished her a good ski. It was her kind of day. 
A perfect day on the slopes and in the mountains. 

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