Surrender to learning, learning to surrender

I do feel sorry for people who think they know everything already.  I believe that there is always something to learn even if you think you are ‘good enough’ or an ‘expert’.


I haven’t had a ski lesson for years, many years, in fact, not since my Dad paid… and that was pre-uni days.  For the last 25 years or so I have skied with some of the best skiers I know and they have pushed me to learn and grow my skills by standing at the top of the steepest blacks, scariest off piste runs and I had no choice but to follow and get down it.


Today, I booked us on to ‘carve it up’.  For fun, to be sociable, not really expecting to learn anything.   But we did.  25 years of doing it our own style and the instructor had a lot to say!  And it was still good fun, still sociable and I learnt to surrender my skis to the mountain slopes, let my joints feel the mountain camber, relinquished control and let go.  I have never skied so fast, balanced and free; it was exhilarating!


I also felt a similar exhilaration, lying on my bed watching the boys play in the snow under the last rays of the sun, reading my book and learning about love.  Yet again, a topic I have felt well practiced and versed in, but over the last few years and in particular, the last one, have had to learn so much more about.


Trust that your wounds are exactly as the Universe planned.  They were divinely placed in your life in the perfect order so that you could show up for them with love and remember the light within.  As difficult as your circumstances may have been, take a moment to honour them now.”


In a previous life, I would have thought that perhaps the pain and trauma, fear and loss of recent events would have floored me and words and phrases like the ones above would have aggravated me.  In light of the recent lack of love and disrespect, how on earth would I have been able to find love within, let alone for the situation and anyone else involved?


But in learning and researching love and the intricate relationship it has with fear, I understand.  Just as I learnt to surrender my skis to the mountain and let go, I have also learnt to surrender my fears to love and let go and more recently surrendered my pain and let my wounds open so the light can enter and heal them.


I have surrendered to learning and now I am learning to surrender.

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