Miracles and light

Yesterday Rosé was not my friend.


Or maybe it was?


It started as a celebration for being on holiday as a family, the next step on the journey to the other side of the mountain.


And it ended up being a catalyst to releasing all the pent up fears of being here together, loosening my tongue to ask more questions, speak my mind and get it all out in the open.  So maybe it was my friend… ?


And it ended up being a quick ticket to an early bed time, very welcome after a 5am start with snowballs on our window thanks to two excited little boys wanting their skis on and resulting in a clear head this morning.  So maybe it was my friend…?


A clear head not only free from hangover, but also free from negativity and dark thoughts.


A clear head to enjoy millionaire skiing with my gorgeous boys, blue skies, plenty of snow, hot chocolates and french fries and a delicious lunch in our new favourite restaurant ‘the devil’s heart’.


And I was reminded of the words of the Course in Miracles which both Marrianne  Williamson and Gabrielle Berstein refer to in their work.


 “Each small step will clear a little of the darkness away.”


This evening, as we had quiet time after showers and before supper, more words jumped out of the page.


Love is a decision and all that is asked of you is the willingness to choose it.  Each time you do is a miracle……  In any given moment, you can surrender to the light and live in the miracle.”


Today that is what happened.  The Rosé had cleared the darkness away with speed and all that was left was the light, the beautiful sunlight, the light in the eyes of my delighted boys, the light from within and surrounding us.


This is the miracle that I didn’t think would ever have been possible.

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