Joy is back in the kitchen!

After the disappointment of yesterday’s news, no amount of dairy milk was going to get me out of the dip before bed time.  But this morning, it was time to start the next ascent and I am well aware and well practiced on the power of gratitude and how it can lift you, pick you up off the floor, make you uncover your eyes and see the light.


I remember as Mumbo was dying, on a particularly low evening, I reminded myself that there is always something to be grateful for:  my breath in, my breath out and my mind that remembers those two!  I smile this morning as I remember that and then the countless other things I count as I get up to get breakfast;  the 3 boys in my bed for starters, the roof over my head, the warm carpet beneath my feet, the running water to wash my face, the chance to say ‘thank you’ with each step.


And once the house is quiet, I reflect on my lost dream house and begin the transformation of sorrow to gladness.  I silently release my thanks out to the Universe to the family who were kind enough to show us around their beautiful home and consider selling it to us, the estate agent for facilitating so many negotiations patiently and to the Universe itself for giving us the opportunity to dream bigger and release limitations for our next move.  And I felt peace return and the weight of the situation lift and slowly the wheels of the cart started to roll and take me upwards.


And there were so many good things today that I am grateful for, that tonight I am on a gratitude high, a thankful peak of my rollercoaster, anticipating the next exhilarating ride!


I was grateful for the exercise I did the other evening, writing down all the things I wanted to have, do and be.  For it became easy to decide what to do today.  I had to do as many of the things on the list that were possible and by doing that, it made me ‘be’ who I wanted to be!  And with each happy thought, I felt each wheel ratchet and take me higher.


I found the ‘blue pearl’ of meditation and my mind was still.

I spoke openly and honestly with the Big Man about my feelings, concerns, thoughts.

I stretched my body through yoga in a sunshine filled snug.

I laughed with one of my most compassionate friends and put the worlds to rights.

I ticked many things off my ‘chore’ list and found great satisfaction in crossing them off.

I admired beautiful yellow roses given as a gift from a thoughtful friend who knows I love yellow.

I laughed with outright joy as ‘Joy’ fell out of the roses and I leapt across the kitchen as I haven’t done for a while as I realised joy was back in my kitchen.  Finally.


With my vibrational frequency back on a high, nothing could bring me rolling backwards;  not the clouds that covered the sun as I headed out for a run, not the stationary traffic on the road as I went to pick up the boys.


And as I arrived home, the Big Man handed me a single red rose, just because it wasn’t Valentine’s day.


A red rose of love, in sea of yellow roses of happiness.


Joy is back in the kitchen.





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