Love on the rocks

The knot in my stomach is still there.  The tension causing my IBS to flare up.  But it is ok. I recognise the symptoms, I know the cause.  It is just nerves;  nervous apprehension, with a hint of butterfly excitement.


I stand on the shore, looking up at the mountainous journey ahead.  And perhaps today was the first day, the first step on that journey.  Slightly faltering, a few tears, quiet moments hidden in the nooks and crannies of the first attempt at a ‘Super Sunday’ since… well, just since.


Tea in bed upstairs for me and noisy sugary pancakes downstairs.  Bowler hats in Barkers looking at beds and bobble hats at Brimham Rocks.  Papers and movies and family time.


The first step, on the first rock off the shore and on to the mountain.


It felt like a shift from love on the rocks… to love on the rocks.



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