Disconnected to reconnect

Day 1 of the blood sugar detox diet done!


It’s day 1 undercover.   ‘Avoid your temptation zones’ and ‘control your environment.’  Tip number 3 on how to ensure success for this plan. The gym and a little shop I know that serves good cleansing tea the only venues I ventured out for.


It’s day 1 disconnected.  ‘A revolution in the body, starts with the mind.’ The advice is to have a media fast; shut out the noise, quieten the chatter, turn off the outside world and work on the inner one.  Immerse yourself in your own well being.


It’s day 1 of going cold turkey.  ‘What we’re dealing with is an addiction.’ Rip off the band aid, do it quickly and cut out all the ‘drugs’ that toxify the body and mind.  Don’t prolong the pain.  ‘Un-junk’ as he calls it.


And how do I feel?


I feel happily full of food.  I was worried I could end up going hungry.  I am satiated and I am so proud of myself for sticking to it and not reaching for a few squares of chocolate which has become part of my post meal habit.


And I feel really relaxed. Not only from the pampering and detox bath I just indulged in but being disconnected is actually wonderful in a way; by making me feel more connected.


I asked the Big Man to change all my social media passwords.  I could have deleted the apps, used will power to not login to my accounts.  But the temptation would have been too great…. Just to check to see if any important messages had come through, or if I missed important announcements on the groups I am part of.  There is no way I can login, so  I am liberated from scrolling, checking, posting and being present in my public profile.


The world is still out there.  Continuing as it did just before.  But by disconnecting, I find myself more connected, to myself, to my tasks, my day.  I was worried I would feel as though I was missing out.  But I don’t.  I connected with many friends today; my Wednesday work out wonder women, my birthday buddy, my confidante, my business partner, my boys, the Big Man.  I have disconnected to reconnect.


I feel full from food and full from life.


But there is an underlying tension hovering.  Perhaps from doing something different. Not knowing the outcome. Even having an alternate breakfast smoothie is big for me…


It’s like I know in my gut something is about to change on a bigger scale and these smaller changes are preparing me for a bigger evolution ahead.


But just as my morning calm mediation reminded me, live in the flow of the day, the moment, allow everything to flow at their own speed, not to rush.


And as AA Milne reminds us through the words of a bear,

‘What day is it?’  Asked Pooh.

‘It’s today,” squeaked Piglet

‘My favourite day,” said Pooh.



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