principles for life…

I have recently found Lewis Howes podcasts and frequently listen to his incredibly enlightening and interesting interviews with various inspirational people who share their life’s work, journey and loves.  And it was coupled with my passage from my ‘Get Happy’ book today, talking about having ‘rules’ to live your life by and the question which Lewis asks all his guests at the end:  If all your public work has been erased, if you had to write 3 things down that you know to be true would like to pass on, to your family, your loved ones… what would it be?


Both those thoughts and questions provoked thoughts about my philosophy for life, my blueprint for going forward based on what I have learnt in the last year; the toughest one yet, the one that has made me break and heal, yet fall and learn to rise and grow more times than I can remember.


What would I share with my boys, if today was my last day on earth?   What advice would I give and my wish for how I would want them to live their life?  And how am I going to live my life going forward?  What are my standards and principles that I want to be drawn back to, to refer to when things get difficult and even when things are in flow?


I started to make notes this morning.  And throughout the day I tweaked them..


Live in the moment.


Live in a state of gratitude, be in willing service to others, be an eternal and curious student, fight courageously for what you believe in, remain dignified in the face of adversity, look for silver linings, count the stars in the darkness and find laughter and joy in each marvellous, miraculous day.


But most of all, live with love.

Love what you do.

Love who you are with.

And always love who you are.


By writing those, I could feel the happiness inside me. They are the principles to guide me back to and stay in happiness.


And if they work for me, and if I can pay that forward by living and breathing by those principles, to be a guide and act to follow for my sons, I will be happy well beyond this life.






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