The art of giving

A while ago, I remember seeing a Facebook post by a previous work colleague of a beautiful photograph of himself at Tiffany’s, standing next to his happy wife holding a lovely tiffany bag in her hand while they drank champagne.  The caption thanked everyone for his birthday wishes.  He showed everyone the art of giving. My immediate thought was to bank that and hold it in my mind for my future birthdays, and how I would treat the Big Man and the boys.


I forgot!


Until this morning and I realised I hadn’t bought any gifts or organised any special trips to  go shopping today for them.  I felt guilty and also annoyed that I had forgotten…


Until I read my morning gratitude passage, which reminded me that giving is not only just about giving gifts, but it is about giving so many other, far more valuable things.  A kiss.  A smile.  An embrace.  A compliment.  Giving away a parking space or a place in the queue.  Give appreciation, encouragement and love to everyone in your life.


There are so many opportunities for you to give and thereby open the door to receiving.”


And so that is what I have done.  Given time and love, appreciation, patience.  And tonight I will go armed with food and wine, flowers and gifts and receive the wonderful hospitality of incredible, kind and loving friends.


Furthermore, these words I will continue to hold in my heart, for it feels a little bit locked away, hardened and that makes me sad, for I can feel so much love around me.  I just need to be brave now and open to receiving it.


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