Winston’s wise words

It seems like every day there is a quote that speaks to me and today it was one from one of the best.  Winston Churchill:  ‘When you are going through hell, keep moving.’


Looking back, December was my time in Hell.


But I kept moving, just as Churchill advised and so far, January has been far less hellish.  A trip to Africa was more like Heaven…. And now I am somewhere in between.  Perhaps you could say, Normal Life.


And as Normal Life resumes with the boys back at school, I am continuing my journey in happiness. And as the Archbishop Tutu explains, happiness is inside, not something that can be found or bought, I looked inside today and asked ‘what makes me happy?’.


Obviously my boys, my family… but when they are at school, what do I do that makes me happy, what makes me smile?


And quite simply, I realised it was learning stuff, feeling healthy and energised and also being around other people who have the same values and qualities as me, a good love of health and fun and family!


So that’s what I did.

I learnt, I filled my mind with new and interesting facts on topics I am passionate about.

I put my health first; I went shopping for good, wholesome food.  And ate it.

I had some fun!  I danced in the kitchen with Tom to silly music.

I planned in lots of time with friends over the course of the next few weeks.

And then I shared everything I had learnt and I felt good.


I felt happy!


And I realised, the only moments I fell back in to the ‘hell’ space, was when my mind was not being used for the sole purpose of being happy.  And that is when I listened to Winston again… I got out of there and kept moving.




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