The Butterfly Effect

The Butterfly Effect.  Going back in time to alter the course of events, but in doing so create a ripple effect of change that can radically transform life in the present.


In the past few weeks I haven often thought about it.  Going back in time, saying something different, doing something else.  When would I go back to?  10 weeks ago as I was about to pick up the phone?  6 months ago when I was desperately unhappy and confused?  12 months ago as I was home alone and wondering why?  2.5 years ago?  4 years ago?


What would have happened if I had never had the guts to say I was miserable working all hours in a job that didn’t make me happy?  What would have happened if I hadn’t made positive changes then…


What would have happened if I hadn’t started my blog, my outlet for learnings, ponderings, thoughts and truths.


What if?


What if it would have made the situation worse?


What if it would have made reality now far better?


What if nothing changed?


It all made my head go round and round, driving me crazy.  You can’t change the past, nor should you want to try.  You can’t predict the future, nor should you want to.


So it is all just a stark reminder that living in the present moment is the only way to remain sane, happy, content.  To look for the joy in the small things…. Like friendships, eating delicious curry, watching magic shows, clapping at dance routines, walking in the cold, cold beautiful frozen countryside and finding frosty cobwebs.



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