Temptation.  To think about doing something you know you shouldn’t.


Execution.  Making a decision to do it anyway, in the heat of the moment.  Why shouldn’t you?


Addiction.  Not stopping when you know you should, but the elicit and exciting nature of it, knowing you can’t have it, making you want it even more.


Realisation and Regret.  The agony of it.  Suffering the consequences.  The consequences that have you doubled in chronic pain, sickness, tears, anguish.


Solutions or medicines, in their many forms.  From a bottle, from a packet, compassion and sympathy from someone who loves you, the healing of time passing; one or all of the above to help you finally be at peace.


And that just describes Willy today.  His frustration and resentment at being ‘gluten free’.  His defiance at what he was, what he was being denied because of it.


Temptation triggered by anger.  Crossing the line to just take one bite of a breadstick took him on this journey.   While he may be sleeping and snoring peacefully now, I don’t think he will be doing that again in a hurry.


Well, not for a few months, maybe years; when the pain of the episode has faded, the damage healed and invisible to the eye and perhaps the frustration gets too intense and the temptation too great…




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