An extraordinary life

I have frequently heard over the last few years that everyone deserves not only to live a good life but also to live an ‘extraordinary’ life.  And the words have been floating around my head over the last few days, sometimes at the forefront, sometimes further back.  But hovering none the less and right now I feel it is the time to address those words and thoughts.


What is an ‘extraordinary life’?  What does it mean?


The dictionary defines ‘Extraordinary’ as beyond what is usual, ordinary, regular or established; exceptional in character, amount, extent, degree, etc;  noteworthy; remarkable.


But what is ‘usual’?   What is ordinary? Regular?  What is the ‘usual amount’ or the ‘ordinary extent’.


So if you want an extraordinary life, you have to determine what your level of ‘regular’ is but based on what?  Your peers?  Your society, demographic or community?  What about your race, religion or even country?  Depending on where you pitch your comparison, that could lead to drastic and potentially devastating feelings of lack or drastic and uplifting feelings of abundance!


As I sat, as I do every night, propped up with all my cushions in bed, socks and dressing gown still on but before I moisturise (or my pen slips!), last night I pondered that question.  And I looked at some of the photos on the wall of my beautiful, warm, insulated, carpeted modern boudoir lit by a flick of a switch and hot and cold water readily available at the twist of tap.  The photos were of the the incredibly positive, energetic, grateful and abundant members of a small village in Kenya we met on honeymoon over a decade ago.  It wasn’t really a village, more a cluster of mud hut dwellings.


Last night, my gratitudes and prayers gave thanks for the abundant life I have, the extra ordinary, astonishing and probably unbelievable and unimaginable life I have (to the tribal Kenyans) and am blessed to wake up each day to.


And so as the thought of chasing an even more extraordinary life flows in and out of my consciousness, I see it and acknowledge it with gratitude for reminding me that I have everything I need for an extraordinary life already. And that actually everyone has an extraordinary life, if they just look close enough. As, in fact, the happy, positive Kenyans believed they did.


Just like the tribe inspired me, we can all inspire others by being the best we can be, the most positive, grateful and content with whatever we have, whoever, we are, wherever we live, whatever the circumstances.


Last night I slept peacefully for the long time in a while and today I woke up with gratitude and positivity in my heart and it was one of the better days in a while.





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