I feel so much kindness from friends, colleagues and readers in many forms.


One act of thoughtful kindness arrived in the post in the form of the book of ‘Hygge’.  During noisy moments in my head, it is one of the books I reach for as it is simple to read, interesting and full of ‘hygge’…  the Danish nown, verb and adjective for ‘well being’ and examples of how to apply it.


So as I receive a particularly surprising tax bill from 4 years ago, I remember a line from the introduction on how the Danish see taxes:


We are not paying taxes, we are investing in our society.  We are purchasing quality of life.”


And so as I pull out my files and paperwork, the Big Man opens a bottle of Crozes Hermitage, we throw another log on the fire and eat shortbread in cosy socks – all forms of ‘hygge’.  And as ‘Hygge’ would have it, as I fill out a self tax return to rectify a mistake made by an old employer, I also find evidence that this bill and over payment has already been long paid, my investment in society and quality of life not overdue.



Here’s to ‘hygge’,  the feeling of wellbeing, to hyggesocken, fires, candles … and no more annoying bills!

hygge2.pngand another bottle of wine.



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