Geniune happiness

Today was another significant date day.  Both sides of the penny – the shiny side and the dark side..  So the day involved a lot of breathing and calming techniques, as well as 2 hours in hospital for a pot replacement, distraction in the form of present shopping and presence with the boys on their first official day of holiday.


I love a book with a daily saying in, or daily passage and I have them littered around the house for moments of darkness, to pick up and read.  And the words that helped me move from thinking of the dark date to the lighter date were:


If you find yourself in a negative situation with someone in your life, take a few minutes each day to feel love within your heart for that person, and then send it out in to the Universe. Just doing this one things helps to remove any resentment, anger or negativity towards that person.”


After reading those words and a morning of frustrated, angry, hateful thoughts, I was able to draw a line.  And I started to breathe happiness and life and love and remember the date for the happy date and the love that was present 9 years ago;  9 years ago when I went in to labour with Tom Tom and he rubbed my back, counted the minutes between contractions, held my hand and poured love in to me to help take away the pain.


And so, as I was coordinating bed time, I felt genuine happiness when the boys shouted delightedly as ‘Daddy’ walked in to the bedroom, surprising us with a day early return from a business trip.


Genuine happiness. Not anger or sadness, not hatred or disgust.  Happiness and love.


And that is progress.



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