In the bleak midwinter..

Another day, another Christmas service.  This time, the end of term Carol and Reading service.


As a young girl at boarding school, the Christmas Carol concert was always the first time I would get a glimpse of my parents before we finally got to go home for the end of term.  I remember the excitement and scanning the congregation.  Mumbo was only 5’3”ft.  But she always wore a hat and heels.  I always thought it was a style thing, part of her elegance and love of clothes and dressing up.


But now, as a Mummy myself, as I stand in the congregation, I follow my Mumbo’s tradition, not just because of my inherited love of the hat, but so the boys can find me in the crowds of enthusiastic parents.  In fact they now see me, before I can see them!  And it always makes my heart sing and melt at the same time as our eyes meet and our grins and waves are mirrored.


Music and singing has always been a wonderful way of uplifting my mood and spirits.  A good belt out of ‘Oh Come, oh come Emmanuel’ and ‘Hark the Herald’ helped provide an outlet for some of the pent up emotions stuck in my chest from a sleepless night.


However, it was Mumbo’s favourite song that softened my heart.  The words ‘In the bleak midwinter…’ struck a chord and the last line,  “What can I give Him, poor as I am….. give my heart’ was a reminder that during the bleakest of times, the poorest of times, all anyone ever wants is the feeling of being loved.  That feeling of love and of giving love, unconditional love makes you feel like you are the richest person on earth.


The Beatles were right – Love is all you need.  To feel good, to heal, to mend and to find the light in the dark.


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