little triumphs

If there is one thing I have learnt over the turbulent, rollercoaster ride of the last 3 years is that time, time is not only precious, but time is a wonderful healer.  The beauty of time is that it lets you reflect, it allows you to feel all the emotions that need to be felt, it allows you to let scars heal, bad memories fade and good ones surface.


And to get through that time passing, you live for the moment.  Take each one as it happens.  Allow emotions to ebb and flow, like the sea, to wash over you, bring with it some overwhelming pressure of feeling and dissipate leaving you free and open to the air to breathe.


And as my jumper said today – I am totally ‘winging it’ through those moments.


And as I ‘wing it’, I cheer myself on for every moment that passes, for each little obstacle handled, each task completed, each little triumph.  And I allow laughter and smiles in, jumping contests in the park with the boys and high 5’s with my friend as we change the smoke alarm battery that has been beeping for 2 days!  A blue job, I have never had to do.


Tomorrow, I will conquer the changing of the light bulbs and making a fire.


And I am strong.  i am strong.








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