At the end of a very surreal day, I am remembering the techniques I used in some of my darkest days while Mum was dying, Tom was hurting, Willy was lost and the Big Man nowhere to be seen…


I lived in the moment.  Not thinking about the past, what could have been or what is going to be.  Just the moment.


The feel of the steering wheel driving to Wetherby, admiring the beautiful red and yellow leaves on the trees.


Playing uno over the boys lunch of pasta pesto.  No frills today.  Willy on my knee, playing to win!


Tom wiping away my tears, holding me tight.  Tom smiling up at his Daddy, seeing a hero.


Making a crumpet station and eating the buttery, jammy treats so my keyboard is sticky.  I can’t remember when I last ate?


I have my sleep spray.  Tonight I will sleep.  Tomorrow is a new day.  And each moment is a new moment.


And I am strong.  I am strong.



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