Living in the moment

I watched a TED talk this morning.  The incredible mother who lost her husband and daughter in the flash of a moment as their speedboat lost control in Rock a few years ago.  She reminded me that life and time is precious.  To do what you love and spend time with those you love, to live in the moment.


And today, I can say I took her advice and did that.  My frequency is high, my happiness levels are rocketing.


I woke up with the Big Man sneaking downstairs early to start work… so the bed was mine until 2 little sneaky boys snuck in, one under each arm.  My favourite moment.  I could have cried with gratitude my heart felt so full of love.


I went to the school that I am mentoring at, as part of the Prince’s Trust Programme, discussed the importance of trying our best, motivating ourselves to do better.  A fantastic lesson with lots of excitement as we all tried to beat our Squeebles time scores, beat ourselves and beat the group.  But my favourite moment was when one little boy who has remained pretty much mute for the 3 lessons so far, wanted to stand and share his experience.  My favourite moment.  I could have cried with delight, my heart swelled so much with pride.


After the lesson, I was asked to go in to see the headmistress.  What had I done?!  I felt like a school girl again.  But she asked me if I would go in for a surprise day she was putting on for all her staff and teachers, and talk to them about health and wellbeing.  In this journey of life, the last few months I have become so much more comfortable in my ‘new’ skin, my new brand as a professional, a business owner, a person of health and vitality, a proud Mother, novice writer.  My favourite moment.  I could have cried with relief, my heart swelled so much with fulfilment.


I picked up 4 little boys from school this afternoon, all ready for half term, but all chattering and whittering about the ‘pooh in the pool’, making little pigs, playing rugby, running and apple day tomorrow.  And when the songs came on, they all sang their little hearts out to Adele’s ‘Hello’… My favourite moment.   I could have cried with happiness, my heart swelled so much with joy.


And tonight, an impromptu date night.  Grandpa volunteered Granny to babysit so the Big Man and I could go and see the funniest film he had ever seen;  ‘Bridget Jones’ baby’.  It didn’t disappoint.  A bag of popcorn, the Big Man’s hand holding mine, belly guffawing.  My favourite moment.  I did cry.  With laughter.


Today, living in the moment, I had so many favourite moments.  The only way to live.

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