Oh it has happened again!  My major thoughts and contemplations earlier this evening were something totally different to right now… obstacles, hardships, difficult times that make you stronger… Adele’s words singing across my mind, ‘Hello from the other side…’


But right now, it is about mistakes and lessons learnt.  Mistakes born out of innocence and fun, in particular.


It is said that lightening can’t strike twice.


But also that history can repeat itself.


And it did today.


30 odd years ago, a couple of little 9 year old boys found some corn stubble in the field next to their garden.  And threw it to see how far they would fly.  In their attempts to keep throwing further, one landed in the greenhouse of the next door neighbour.  And then the game changed.  From how far does corn stubble fly… to how many corn stubble does it take to demolish a green house.


The parents of the little boys were rather surprised later that evening when they found a policeman on their doorstep asking if they knew about the damage to a greenhouse next door.


One little boy owned up.  The other friend didn’t.  One little boy was put to work to clear up the damage and suffer the consequences of a father who had to pay for the replacement greenhouse.


Today, in the same garden as the original offence, little boys were throwing windfall apples across the garden to see who could throw the apples the furthest!


Can you guess what happened?


Out of the corner of my eye, I saw a little boy disappear in to the garage and come out with a broom.  Suspicious.


Fortunately, no policeman have turned up at the house. But I am not sure who the little boys are more frightened of… an unknown policeman… or an angry Granny or Grandpa whose shed window is smashed and a shed covered in apple pulp!


Apple remains swept away, apology letters written, no tv time, no Friday night to the pub for crisps and pop and bed straight after tea time.




And a lesson learnt.


kids breaking stuff.jpg




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