friends forever

I have noticed that my first blog, journal, daily journal is written as I drive to pick up the boys in the afternoon.  It is written in my head.  I play with words and thoughts… usually based on what I am listening to or conversations I have had in the day.


And yet when I write later on in the day I need to download and explore my thoughts of an entirely different nature.


Earlier today, I was thinking about my legendary Dad and the conversations I had had at the secondary school yesterday;  how we are going to be coaching and mentoring them on how to make decisions regarding their career, based on their skills, strengths, likes and dislikes.


I thought about how my Dad coached and mentored me to make my early career choices, advised me to work hard, go to uni, get a good job, work hard.


I remembered also, that he also handed me a purple book with gold writing, ‘Rich Dad, Poor Dad’.  I flicked through it, didn’t read it seriously then.   20 years on, as I read it now, he was inviting me to think bigger than just a job;  to understand the difference between being rich and wealthy, recognise the difference between working hard for money or getting money to work hard for you, to get me to realise the difference between the wage system and the profit system.


But as I was reflecting on all that, a phone call came through from my friend.


I didn’t know her 2 years ago, but now I cannot imagine my life without her.  We have thrown each other life lines in difficult times.  Shared our secrets, our regrets, our losses, our grief;  our triumphs, our joy, our excitement.   We could have been twins separated at birth, in feelings, sentiments, emotions, beliefs….


And so my thoughts this evening have moved on to something entirely different to Rich Dad and his thoughts on trading time for money… and to friendships.


In our journey through life, we meet people who become ‘transient’ friends.  Friends for the time of life we are in, or part of the journey we are on – work, motherhood, school, uni, neighbours.


But as we move through each chapter, we can’t always take all our friends with us.  As the last page is written, we only have enough hands and space in our heart and time to remain close, stay connected for some.  Family is always there.. Some friends pop in and out, in early chapters and reappear further down the line.  And when we are lucky some friends become part of an extended family and their journey and life path intertwines with our own.







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