You smell of poooooooo



He he he he!  Childish.


I had just opened my laptop to write my blog entry for tonight, the blank page shouting at me as I cook supper.  I turn my back to stir the rice in the pot, mull over my day and a little message had appeared on my screen.


It made me smile.  In our 40’s, together for nearly 20 years and still send each other silly messages.


The whole day has been about smiles.


Smiling from ear to ear as I walk round a school with foundations in Art, looking at the incredible artwork done by the students. Reminding me of my young, childhood dream to be an artist.  The work was astounding – one girls drawing in biro, left me wanting to dig out my pencils and start practicing again.  I can feel a new project coming on – a drawing a day… maybe.  I am so excited to be going to work with the children there!  That makes me smile even more!


Smiling as I tied up my trainers and ran through the autumn leaves, sprinting until my lungs hurt.


Smiling as much as a little girl opposite me as she rubbed the oil I gave her into her skin, she grinned like a Cheshire cat as it took the itch away from her eczema, smiling as it didn’t sting.  I love what I do… make people smile.


Smiling as I heard how well my Tom Tom is doing at school, how ‘ernest’ and ‘eager to please’ he is. How he is always smiling.


Smiling as Willy kisses me his fastest kisses goodnight.


Smiling at the silly message from the Big Man.


Smiling as now my blank page is full.







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