It was brought to my attention very, very clearly to me how much children watch their parents.  And how much they pick up, take on board and duplicate, so much so that it is like holding a mirror up to yourself.


This afternoon, after school, as we all helped at the fundraiser at school, Tom had a good look at all the cakes and biscuits and then came bounding up to me – I want this one!!!  The Brownlee Gold Medal Biscuit.


I couldn’t have chosen better myself.  My heroes quickly becoming his.


In the car, as I passed round the apples, Willy started sobbing.  ‘I ate cake, Mummy!  I ate bad sugar!!!  I can’t see the bits in my tummy!’….


I had to stop the car.  Jump out and throw my arms around him.


Recently he has become a little obsessed with his health and his body, wanting ‘those muscly bits just like Daddy’ on his tummy, running around the garden 10 times and doing sit ups with his feet tucked under the sofa, asking school to switch his break biscuits to fruit.


I haven’t sobbed or cried after eating cake, but perhaps felt guilty, angry at myself for letting my healthy eating standards slip.  I know both the Big Man and I want our boys to grow up healthy and strong, but perhaps this is a message to lighten up a bit?  The last thing we want is children with eating disorders…


The art of finding the fine balance of parenting – being true to yourself and being a good role model for others.


Tom also showed up today proudly sporting a black eye and an earring.  No idea where they came from!



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