Sugar dust

Today was a game of two halves… family and then business focussed.  But both Fun… with a capital F for sure.


Willy crept up in to the bed this morning to be a wriggly worm excited about finishing his cake for the school bake off competition.  But not before pancakes and omelettes, Yorkshire tea and smoothies.


One of the hardest things I find, is to sit back and let my kids learn; I love to ‘do’ for them, to make life easier for them.  Especially when it comes to cooking.


But as the very old and wise saying says – you can give a hungry man a fish, or you can teach him to fish and he will never go hungry again.


So, as Willy threw flour and icing sugar, chocolate and fruit around my clean and tidy kitchen, I just bit my tongue, guided him to the next instruction and let him create chaos in clouds of white dust.


He had a vision of what he wanted his cake to look like and he created it.


Just like my inspirational friend and a fearless leader in my business and industry, she had a dream to fill a room full of like minded people and call them business partners and help them succeed.  And by helping them grow and leading them to success, she grew and saw more success.  And today we celebrated our collective success to the sound of laughter and clinking of glasses… and dreamed even bigger.


She has taught us to ‘fish for ourselves’…   and just like Willy, we listen for guidance through the mist of the white noise of our minds until the dust settles, and our dreams are realised.



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