putting down the balls…

I am one glass of red wine down, considering pouring myself another.  And I can feel it melting down through my body to my legs.  It is such a lovely feeling – the releasing of all the little muscles, my eyelids feeling heavy.


Another jam packed day of loveliness;  pancakes with the Big Man at our weekly breakfast date;  teaching a wonderful class on how gender has no bearing on your career or job; tea in pretty tea cups surrounded by healing ‘mumbo-like’ kingfishers with one of my favourite people; a productive, satisfying power hour of work;  cake with a couple of good friends;  a touch of retail therapy; and the icing on the cake my boys happy and tired ….


And yet the loveliness of the day was tinged with a strange undertone of sadness. No idea where that has come from, or maybe I do… but with the wine, I can feel it flowing through my body and out of my toes.


Today as I talked with my friend about the elusive ‘work life balance’, we both had visuals on how we strived towards finding it.  She had a pendulum balance, knowing she needed a bit of the dark side (rebellion, lack of structure) and the light side (spirituality, calm) to feed each other.    I had the vision of my 5 balls in the air – my family, my Big Man, my health, my business, my writing/me time.  I feel in balance an in flow, if the balls are all rotating through my hands and each ball gets the same amount of touch time. I am put of balance if one hand is focussing on one ball and the other is juggling the remaining 4.


Tonight it feels like it is time to put down all the balls.  My arms and hands are tired. Even my subconscious is tired.


I think it’s time to pour another to speed it along it’s way.







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