Life as a dress

Yesterday I bought a new dress. No biggie normally.  Or not historically.  But it really is just another reflection of the lightening of my mood and mindset.  I hadn’t bought a dress or anything other than plain safe jeans or gym leggings for 10 months.. potentially much longer.


The dress is from Topshop.  It’s a silly small size 6.  At the ripe age of 40+, I really didn’t think I would be saying that a I would be wearing a dress from the shop of the youth and that it would fit like a glove.


I didn’t buy it for any specific reason or event in mind.  But all of a sudden the perfect events are appearing in my calendar.  It’s a bit like my favourite saying of the moment… ‘Leap and the net will appear’… instead – ‘buy… and the event will appear!’.


The dress will remind me of a this turning point.  The transition from life being sad and difficult to being fun and easy!


Life is easy!  And to coin a phrase from one of my heroes and leaders in the business and industry I am in “every cell of my body resonates with energy and health!”…


Life is good!  And I feel good in the dress.


And if I want to stay in the dress, I should probably stop eating the matchmakers I just found in the back of the fridge leftover from last weekends dinner party!



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