Do what you love

Ah… time for my daily reflections.  Sometimes, there is so much flying around in my head I don’t know where to start… and sometimes, there is nothing.  I love both type of days just as much.  It strongly believe it is good for the brain to do the ‘sorting’… to really hone in what the important bits were in the day if there was a lot… and to really find the good bits in a day where there isn’t much to say.


For a daughter in a line of mother’s with Alzheimer’s, this reflection and journaling of exercising the brain is important.  Not only to keep stimulating the grey matter, but one of the biggest findings at the moment in studies of early onset Alzheimers is that sleep plays a huge and key factor.


Since I have started journaling and blogging daily, reflecting and sorting, my sleep patterns have improved;  I sleep far more deeply and drop off to sleep far more easily.  I get stuff off my chest so I don’t lie staring at the ceiling like I used to.  I focus on the good things, happy times, rather than the niggly negative bits and I fall asleep with a smile on my face.


Today is a day with a lot of thoughts.  But I have whittled down to two to reflect on..


A phrase I read in the ‘slight edge’ by Jeff Olsen:  it is a choice to take the path to success or the path to failure.. and the key is in the small daily choices, habits we make daily.  Over time they compound to take you in one or the other direction.   And today I explained this in 2 situations – one with regards to health and one with regards to wealth.


And that lead me to one of my favourite sayings of all time – if you do what you love, you will never work another day.


I love being a Mum.

I love being a coach and mentor.

I love helping people to make healthy choices.

I love helping start and grow their business.

I love writing.


I am feeling very grateful, lucky and ready to sleep a very deep sleep.



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