Being ‘in flow’…

This morning, the house was quiet by 7.45; with the boys already on their way to school and the Big Man still away with work, I had peace and quiet and the house to myself.


And rather than racing round doing household jobs before Wednesday Bootcamp , I totally indulged in 30 minutes of my book,  bathed in the bright autumnal sunlight..


One passage I highlighted and circled words… a passage about being ‘in flow’.  It was one of the best explanations I have read:


‘When time flies by in a split second; your whole self is completely engaged in the moment you feel deeply connected, whether to others, yourself, nature, the Universe at large;  opportunities present themselves effortlessly; and serendipity becomes the norm.’


For the first time in 3 weeks, I have felt my energy and my ‘flow’ returning.  My painful stomach cramps subsiding, my zest for life bubbling back to the surface and the smile returning to my eyes and not just my mouth.


And with that today was effortless, fun, enjoyable and serendipity was absolutely present, inspired thoughts turned to inspired action.


I was ‘in flow’ with the universe, my intentions, my life and my loves.


And the Big Man is home safely and snoring peacefully next to me…



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