Getting through the door

Today I went to the back door and I was carrying 4 bags;  my handbag, the kids after school snack bag, my laptop bag and another bag with school prep in.  I was also carrying the car keys and the house keys, a bottle of water and flask of herbal tea.  As went to leave the house, I saw 2 boxes for the recycling so I picked those up and as they teetered on top of each other as I stepped out of the door, I realised I had no hands left to lock the door and turn on the alarm.


Historically, I would have tried to re-jig all my baggage, bottles and boxes and lock the door without putting anything down.


It would always end up in disaster… broken bottles, bag contents spillage and the words ‘bugger!’ followed by 10 minutes of clear up before finally getting out of the house.


Today, I took a breath, put down the boxes, turned on the alarm, picked up the boxes and walked away.  No chaos.  No breakdowns.  Just bish, bash, bosh.


It made me smile.  I have come a long way.


And it made me think about how I treat life and living too.   I have realised you can’t carry everything and everyone while doing what needs to be done all by yourself.  Sometimes you have to put stuff down.  You can always pick it up later… and by putting something down, you can move through and complete what does need to be done with far less stress, and then find that you can pick up what you left a lot quicker anyway!







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