The D’s…

My biggest thought for today was a word or two that the kids in the class I mentor on a Thursday morning didn’t know… or couldn’t guess..


We were talking about role models and the importance they can play when thinking about what you want to do or be.  We were encouraging the kids to think about values and behaviours of some of their role models… What do Usain Bolt, Bradley Wiggins, The Brownlee Brothers, Ellie Simmonds and Christian Benteke all have in common…?


Other than being sporty or having skills… or being ‘nice’!


It was the ‘D’ word… or many ‘D’ words… determination, discipline and dedication…


If they wanted to be the best footballer, swimmer, runner… how often did they think these incredible athletes trained?  And what did they think they would do if it was raining and cold – would they get up early and go and swim / run / kick a ball.. or would they go back to the X-box?


It takes the D’s…  dedication and discipline.


Apply those words to whatever you want in life, apply it consistently over time and you will surely get it.  Dedicate your time and discipline yourself to achieve daily goals,  taking daily action to getting towards your goal.


In the last 3 years or so, I have been pretty dedicated and disciplined when it comes to health – taking exercise and eating well.


When I was working for someone else, I was still a pretty dedicated and disciplined employee.


But as my own boss… in all honesty, have I been?  With some big life events, my daily disciplines and dedication slipped…. Or maybe my standards did?


Today’s lesson was a good reminder that I am my own boss and I have to encourage myself to be dedicated and disciplined for the good of my business.  I have to be my own boss and cheer myself on, but also not let myself off the hook.


A bit like I do when it comes to my job as a Mum to the boys… I can’t just not go and pick them up, let them walk home, feed themselves, if I don’t feel like it, or if my favourite tv show is on, or it’s raining.


I still love my little picture of the 3E’s and the values to live by – Energy, Empathy and Enthusiam…


Today’s lesson reminded me that I need to mix in the 3D’s – Discipline, Dedication and Determination.



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