Good life… Great life

There are moments every now and then that I reminisce and possibly slightly miss the excitement, the glamour, the anonymity, the busy-ness of London life.  And then I have a morning like this morning… the exact opposite!


As I walk in to a new ‘keep fit’ class in the village hall, thinking I won’t know anyone… I find I know pretty much everyone!   No anonymity here.  But I liked it.


The sound system and music wouldn’t work thanks to an ‘electrical problem’, so we grapevined to the beat of our feet… and the sound of the babies crying, or laughing when the instructor popped them on her hip.  No glamour here.  But I liked it.


A leisurely stroll in the sunshine to the village coffee bar, it was lovely to chat with a friend who has shared the experience of the loss of a mother and the emotional aftermath in the family.   It was lovely to discuss and debate the significant choice we have both made to put Motherhood and family environment first and leave our corporate careers, possibly due to the pscychology of loosing of our own mothers? No ‘busy-ness’ here.  But I liked it.


As I drove to pick up the boys from the excitement of the first proper away rugby match with school, I heard my audio book say ‘don’t let your good life take you away from your great life’… I took from that, that you can be comfortable in your own little world, but that comfort could be robbing you from an even better, bigger, brighter world.  And that just takes a pinch of courage – to step out and try new things, keep pushing the boundaries of goodness to create greatness.


WE had a good life in London, but we have made a great life in Yorkshire by making significant changes that we didn’t know would pay off.


But why stop there?


We have a great life in Yorkshire, but I am (we are…) not going to let that stop us from striving to live a a greater life, a bigger life, an extraordinary life.  Now that the Big Man and I have stretched our boundaries, it is almost like a drug…  the challenge, the adventure of the unknown exact destination is somewhat intoxicating, but only because we know where we are headed.  Just like we knew we were headed for Yorkshire, a family, a dog, a cat, we had no idea it would be our lovingly converted and renovated house, our family of 2 boys, Tom, Willy, Percy and Perdi…


Now there’s the excitement we had in London!



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