Time as a commodity

Time.  Probably the most precious of commodities these days.  If you are rich in time,  time to do what you want, whatever you want, I would consider that the true meaning of freedom and wealth.

In my 10 minutes of morning, daily calm, I focus on how grateful I am to have that 10 minutes of time to be calm, to let my mind empty.  

And today I am grateful for so much time I had doing things I love to do. 

I am grateful for the laughter round the round table with all the lovely school run Mum’s who came for a coffee, a cuppa, a croissant or clementine, chatting cricket, rugby, music lessons, local trivia… 

I am grateful for the lovely chat to a lovely friend, sharing stories and insights, discussing strategies and possibilities.

I am grateful for fun times in the car on the way home with 4 excitable boys, as always! 

I am grateful for the time to prepare healthy delicious meals for all my men and me…and for getting it on the table on time!

I am grateful for the time playing uno with the boys over tea time, giggling with Tom as we cheat to win!  Willy none the wiser… 

I am grateful for the time making it up to Willy, by reading with him and to him, to build his confidence.

I am grateful for time with the Big Man discussing his day and bouncing ideas and brainstorming; a little time, back in time doing powerpoint and presentations!

I am grateful for time with my team on the screens, wherever we are in the country, just to catch up and share success.

I am grateful now that it is time for bed and for more time tomorrow to do the same!!

I am going to bed feeling pretty happy and ‘wealthy’!  Happy days…

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