What’s next? 

I picked up a new book about 3 months ago- the beginning of the summer. They say when the student is ready, the book appears and I was so ready for this book.
The Big Man teases me because of the title… In a nice way, just has he has always called me ‘wormy’ for my love of reading and of books.
I read the last page today in the sunshine, tummy full from finally being able to eat, a cup of green tea and the cat purring next to me.  
It has taken me on a journey. The journey back to self esteem as I completely committed to reading it, absorbing it, studying it and doing the exercises.
The final chapter around consciousness, being of light and belief was the perfect ending and a reflection of how I feel. 
It is well digested, beautifully dog-eared and will be going back to my book shelf to rest but also to be easily accessible for reference in moments of darkness, weakness or loss.
As I put it back… I wait for the next book to shout out to be picked up…. What’s next!?? 

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