Little boy

How do you try and convince a little boy that his new school is in his best interest… when all he can see is that there are no monkey bars, that they don’t have ‘star of the week’ and get to sit in a special chair and that all his little friends are missing.


‘Why did you move me when I was having so much fun’… as he sobs into his cuddly giraffe.


How do you try and remind a little boy that yesterday he came home from his new school bouncing and happy and asking if he was going to school again tomorrow to learn more about ‘Lenny the London Evacuee’.


How do you try and help a little boy who loves to please by being the best in class see that he is just upset because he got his first proper ‘telling off’ today?


Get in to bed with him, cuddle him and listen to his worries.  Stroke his head and tell him that tomorrow is another day, a good nights sleep and his little world will look far better in the morning.


A bit like my day today.  The reset button definitely started the reprogramming over night.


I woke up with a far ‘happier head’ and a lighter, brighter outlook on life.



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