Today was all about ‘the brothers’..


The awesome Brownlee Brothers, who deserve their Capital B status for brothers.  What another amazing sight to see how Alistair just scooped up his brother and held him until he launched him over the finish line to finish second.  I defy anyone to not find that an incredibly inspirational, memorable and emotional moment.


I do wonder if those boys were ever like mine?  One minute beating the crap out of each other and then the next seeing how fast they can scoot round the yard, or building a den, climbing a tree… or snoozing next to each other on a sofa.


And then we have the highly amusing bunch of brothers I drove home today from school.  One question of what were their favourite bits of the day.. and the 4 of them just joke, jest, laugh, tell stories on each other and it is as if I am no longer there.  It took restraint today, so much restraint to keep a poker face and to keep quiet as they discussed various topics from trumping to ‘sexiness’, lunch to the boys loos, pokemon and forest school.


However, they all grow up, I hope they will always have each others backs and put the other first, in selfless acts of kindness.



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