Super Duper Sunday!

There are Super Sunday’s … and there are Super Duper Sundays!


And today’s Super Duper Sunday was totally unexpected.  The sunshine always plays a huge part in a wonderful day – it certainly lifts the spirits in our house.


Sunshine flooding our kitchen bay windows, croissants, Sunday papers, eggs and bacon, strong coffee with family and friends was a real luxury and leisurely treat.


Sunshine in my office as my inspirational friend and I thumbed through the books on leadership, powerful women and talked through some of the practices that I see now as daily habits, which have helped me through stressful times;  showing vulnerability, asking powerful questions of oneself and others, and of course, the power pose and affirmations.


Sunshine on a family stroll, the dog leaping in amongst us, the boys climbing trees and demanding kisses through the kissing gates.


Sunshine as I scrabbled together whatever I could find in the bare cupboards and fridge for a last minute late lunch.  So satisfying creating a really tasty meal out of nothing.


Sunshine and ‘blue marlin’ soundtracks, icy rosé and crisp whites turning our courtyard garden into the chill zone with some of my favourite people ever.. as the children amused themselves and baby Jamie.


Sunshine setting slowly behind the big trees, now turning autumnal as we played a competitive family game of uno over pizzas….


Sunshine has long gone, but everyone is happy snoozing on Super Duper Sunday…


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