A rare saturday

It has been one of those rare Saturday’s today;  relaxed yet busy, quiet yet social, thought provoking yet full of laughter.


Bless my beautiful Tom Tom… with Saturday school starting early, Friday night pub night looks like it will be an exeat weekend treat only.  He could not get out of bed.  So hard for him with the rest of us in our PJ’s, milling in the kitchen.  Lesson understood, even if we have to pretend we are ‘up and at ‘em!’


As the Big Man went for an early swim and with Willy happily playing with his cars in the garden, I did sneak back to bed with my book….but spent most of the time daydreaming as I looked out through the open curtains to watch the mist and grey morning lift to sunshine.


I am back in the same place, about to slide under my duvet into a blissful contented sleep tonight, a galaxy away from a worried, lonely, fitful sleep of a year ago.


A beautiful day preparing the house for guests, visiting my scrumptious goddaughter and kissing her cherub cheeks, family lunch and a walk through our village arms linked with greatest friends from London, experiencing first hand the true feeling of community.  People happy to talk to strangers, share their stories, friends upon friend passing us on the path stopping to chat, wave or shout a passing well wishing comment and even join us for a drink or two at the ‘watering hole’.


A beautiful evening, good food washed down with good wines with debate and discussion all stemming from a single question – if granted one wish, what would you wish for?


So interesting what it provokes, how many rounds you can have of the same question and where it leads.


I still stand by original answer.





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