Day 366

My 365 day blog challenge did indeed finish yesterday.


I started my blog on 17th September… so the final day of my ‘year long’ blog is today – the  16th September… today, not yesterday. A leap year has 366 days.  I didn’t know it was a leap year when I started, hence the 365 days…


So I suppose this is the ‘epilogue’.


After I wrote my last blog last night, I felt kind of strange.  A little hollow.  Proud… but sad that it had come to an end.  And today, on waking, it felt like something would be missing: a bit like going through a whole day and not cleaning my teeth… (I am a bit OCD when it comes to teeth and hand washing….)


So I decided to read my first blog again… and realised the date.  I felt uplifted by the fact I had one more day to go!  So therein lies my answer to the question I have been avoiding; whether I should keep blogging, keep blogging daily.  That sense of loss, plus the many comments, text, mails and conversations where people have said I should keep going, how much they would miss their evening read, how much they have been inspired or felt comforted by my experience and feelings.


I never really expected people to read it.  Maybe my Dad and my sister, possibly the Big Man.  The odd friend on occasion. When I pluck up the courage to look at my ‘stats’, I am always hugely surprised and overwhelmed.  And then I forget it again, not wanting to allow others thoughts and opinions of me persuade me in what I should write, rather than keeping it true and authentically raw and honest.


Who knows what the next year will bring?  I will be journaling anyway, and as I am a creature of habit, it is part of my daily routine; just like cleaning my teeth, washing my hands, having an Arbonne Vanilla Berry shake every day for breakfast (even on holiday), a chicken avocado salad for lunch, always kissing both my boys while they sleep, using hand cream last thing before I got to bed and writing my gratitude list.


So I have done 366.  What’s next?  #731dayblogchallenge ?  That sounds a bit dull… #dailyblogforever ?  Will I get in to the Guiness Book of records?


But this is definitely the end of the first instalment.

This is the first of the Ali Sandwiches on the platter, or the book shelf.


The next one starts tomorrow.





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