Planned neglect

So I have resorted back to lists.  Maybe it was the ‘summer of no lists’..


However, this ‘no list’ period did teach me a lesson. A lesson to not procrastinate, just get stuff done when it comes in to my head. It taught me to prioritise the things that need to get done first and then focus on everything else after.  Just like Pareto’s law of the 80/20 rule, or Gary Keller’s ‘the One Thing’… or as I read today, John C. Maxwell’s ‘Planned Neglect’.


I liked that!  Plan to neglect the things that really don’t matter and focus on what will deliver the biggest result.  He used the example of a well known violinist who said that what made her so good was prioritising practice and the decision to flip her morning routine; she ‘planned to neglect’ tidying her room, making her bed and homework in favour of practicing her violin first.


So lists are back in my life; but I am doing what needs to be done first to achieve my goals, rather than sorting out the house, tidying, washing, ironing, cleaning, cooking… they will get done.  But second.  Quite exciting really…


It’s been on my ‘to do list’ for ages to learn how to breathe.  Kundalini breathe.  Dad left me an article last time I went to visit on the importance of breathing and how this type of special breathing can promote such good well being that it has had favourable results in prevention of Alzheimer’s, amongst other things.  So given my maternal family history and genetics, this has been moved to the top of my list to learn and then practice, daily.  And I need to practice; to master the art of deep abdominal and breathing from the diaphragm in and out of the nose without spraying the contents of my nostrils everywhere.


We also did a heart to heart meditation.  Just for a few minutes.  Both of us having had heartbreak throughout the last year or few.  It was very peaceful with our breathe finding synchronicity and the warmth of our feelings and emotions flowing through our arms, finger tips and palms.


And then, it was time to get back to it.  Appointments and lists.


And my boys.


Willy loving being in his new class, confident with his friends in the playground, no longer shy or clinging to me.


And always my Tom Tom.  The little boy who is starting to look like a little man.  Leaving the house grown up with his tie and blazer, smart shirt and shoes.  The little man, who returns to being a little boy at the end of the day, blazer in a ball, tie all scrumpled, shirt untucked with mud on the back, laces undone, kicking a ball against the wall.



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