What’s the frequency?

A new season!  I love the Autumn… just a few leaves scattering the pavements and grassy verges, but it is a sign of the beauty to come, the mugginess of today turning to freshness and the need for a scarf.


A new term!  I love the Autumn term. New pencil cases, new shoes, new teachers and even new schools!


And I bet I wasn’t the only Mum driving away from school with the music loud and doing the celebration dance;  all children deposited, still alive, un-harmed and happy despite long summer break, the start of term just in the nick of time saving us all from boredom and breakdown!


And I bet I wasn’t the only Mum driving back to school, excited to hear about their first day, what they had for lunch, who was naughty and who was nice (my first questions to get them talking!), what they learnt and what can they teach me!  And then the school music playlist comes on and we sing and dance like loons and they throw their apple cores in to the hedgerows.


But I bet I may have been the only or one of the few Mums to get an exciting email today!  An email that left me squealing!  As if I wasn’t already on a high enough vibrational frequency,  it was an email that raised my frequency to an all new high!


As the days tick down..  T-12, what will happen to the ‘alisandwiches’?  12 days to decide…



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