the bandstand

A sunny Sunday afternoon, a northern market town, a band stand, a brass band, an ice cream van, a fair crowd of baby boomers, a few of them toe tapping along…  A peaceful scene.  The older generation just enjoying the tunes and the sun and the cornets.


Tranquil… until the Mortimer family free wheeled down the path in to the picture, shouting with delight at the wind in their hair;  that was until the little blond boys jumped in to the river, splashing and running and picked up stones to skim, barely missing the ducks…


Their soggy trainers are now thudding and thumping in the tumble dryer.  Their new school trainers.  School which starts tomorrow…


I think we are all looking forward to it..  Willy had ants in his pants at tea time, dancing around before bedtime, his clothes laid out (there is a first time for everything). Tom is tying and retying his tie and as he gave me a big hug goodnight, he squeezed me and said ‘I can’t believe I am going to school tomorrow, I am so excited!’


And the Big Man, he is ready for an early night, ready for an early start.


And me? I have loved this summer.  It has been the first summer I haven’t been worried about how long the boys had off.  It has been the first summer I have embraced being ‘off’ since leaving my corporate job, without feeling guilty.  It has been the first summer I haven’t wished I was doing something else.


So part of me is sad as it is over.  But all good things come to an end.  And good things end so that better times can come along.  So  I am excited too!


I wonder if there is anyone still left at the bandstand?…

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