A Sea worthy paradox

This summer, our holidays and the newsreels has made me wonder at water. A complete paradox.
The ability to put out candle light and the energy source to generate power to create light. 
A source of so much fun and laughter. A

The source of equal tragedy and tears.
The trickling, tinkling, crystal sound of peace and tranquility. The raging and crashing of devastation. 
The harbour of life and death.. The ability to sustain life or take it.
The sea can lull you into a false sense of security with its inviting blue green coolness, gentle gurgling and lapping… Our boys are strong swimmers, confident on the body boards, but it seems that that no one is safe, whatever age, wherever you are. With the recent news of dangerous riptides and unusual currents, or just a freak occupancy, the sea is reminding us who is boss.
And I notice our less relaxed parenting this holiday to even just a month or so ago. Hawk eyed, both of us watching them in diving in the waves, playing by the shore, crabbing on the rocks, sailing on the boat, skimming rocks… 
The sea can be fierce. But so is parental love. While they are little, they are under our guard, our protection… 
My head noisy with worry for the future and my confident boys. Sea savvy boys. Independent teenagers. Who will watch over them then? 
I pray the lessons we teach them now, about the sea… And about life… That they heed them then, regardless of peer pressure, beer goggles and bravado.

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