Simple Adventures are the best

If you had to choose a last day on earth, then today would come pretty close.  A few people missing… but the agenda, was pretty spot on.


Waking up in the arms of the Big Man, little men snuggling into us..


Coming downstairs to seeing your little niece and nephew, best friend aka sister-in-law have arrived safely.


The house bathed in beautiful Cornish sunlight, doors open, laughter and the noise of breakfast.


Plans for the day are discussed and the car is packed with life jackets, boxes of sandwiches, plums brought from home, choccie biccies, wine, a keg of beer and lots of water, towels and changes of clothes.


We set off from 007 mooring at 11.30am, the sky the bluest of blues, the water calm and just enough wind for a rusty red sail, not too much so each of the children can take a turn at the helm.


As we anchor alongside Hawkers Cove Bay, Tom is desperate to relive his days on the boat in Croatia and throws himself off in to the estuary… only to come up winded and hyperventilating from the cold!  A brave boy… and a lesson learnt.


We pootle.  We take trips ashore.  The boys acclimatise to the sea temperature and swim back to the boat.


And suddenly it is late afternoon and definitely time for an ice cream, followed by fish and chips.  And more rosé.


It’s the simple things in life that make certain days the memorable ones, the happy ones, the ones you would relive.  Family.  Sun.  Fun.  Sea. Adventure.  Wine.  Laughter.




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